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Custom Peptide | UK Bio-Chemical Technology

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Archie Chem provides a full spectrum of high quality custom peptide services that ranges from peptide synthesis and peptide modifications to high-throughput synthesis and screening of peptide libraries. Archie Chem commits to providing solutions for all peptide needs to a global client base.


  • Over 200 man-years combined experience of practical peptide synthesis and research experience
  • Fast and personal consultation by experienced peptide chemists
  • The most comprehensive peptide custom synthesis
  • Extremely high success rate >99%
  • >90% products were delivered within 2 weeks, >99% products were delivered within 3 weeks
  • MS, HPLC, comprehensive analysis and route of synthesis can be provided 

Our peptide custom services include, but are not limited to followings. (Click on these items and you will get more information)


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