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Dry bath

Brand: DLAB
Product Number: HB120-S

LED digital dry bath with 1pcs heating block for free

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• A wide range of temperature control up to 120°C

• Timer function support is availabe

• Various types of optional blocks are available

• Overheating protection

• Lid for protection and heat preservation


Functions Heating
Temperature range Room temp.~120°C
Temperature control accuracy ± 0.5°C
Temperature uniformity ± 0.5°C
Max heating rate 5.5°C/min
Timer 1min~99h59min
Screen LED
Overheating protection 140°C
Adapter block material aluminum
Voltage, Frequency 100~120V/220~240V,50Hz/60Hz
Power 160W
Dimension[W×D×H ] 95x150x50mm
Weight 3kg



1pcs heating block for free. Addtional heating blocks are available in Archie Chem.

Cat. No. P/N Descriptions U/P(GBP)
18900218   Heating block, used for 0.2mL tubes, 54 holes 100
18900219   Heating block, used for 0.5mL tubes, 40 holes 100
18900253   Heating block, used for 1.5mL tubes, 40 holes 100
18900220   Heating block, used for 2mL tubes, 40 holes 100
18900221   Heating block, used for 5/15mL tubes, 28 holes 100
18900222   Heating block, used for 50mL tubes, 8 holes 100
18900223   Heating block, used for 96/384 microplate 100



Heating block, used for 0.2mL, 0.5mL and 1.5/2mL tubes , 18 holes each volume

 Document1  User Manual-Dry Bath.pdf

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