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Thermal Cycler gradient

Brand: DLAB
Product Number: TC1000-G

Sample Capacity 96×0.2ml PCR tube, 8×12 PCR plate or 96 well plate

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Thermo cyclers are essential laboratory instruments in the field of biotechnology, cloning, genotyping, mutagenesis, etc.

 The TC1000-G features gradient function to achieve excellent heating and cooling rates and temperature uniformity in a single run, fulfilling every wish for easy optimization of PCR assays with maximum throughput.


• Reliable heating/cooling elements and innovative temperature control

• High performance DSP and temperature control

• Excellent temperature uniformity

• High precise temperature control

• Fast heating and cooling rate

• 7 inch Large color touch pannel screen for easy programming

• Large user program storage


Sample Capacity 96X0.2mL PCR tube, 8X12 PCR plate or 96 well plate
Heating Temperature Range 4~105oC
Lid Temperature Range 30~110oC
Temperature Display Accuracy ±0.1oC
Temperature Control Accuracy [at 55oC] ±0.3oC
Temperature uniformity[at 55oC] <0.3oC
Max. Heating/Cooling Rate 3oC/Sec
Gradient Temperature Setting Range 30~99oC
Gradient Range 1~42oC
Adapter block material aluminum
Display 7” LCD 800x480
Input Touch panel
User defined file system 30 segments 99 cycle max.16 folder and 16 files each folder max.
Power off protection yes
Power Supply 100~120V/200~240V,50/60Hz
Dimension[WxDxH] 280x370x250 mm
Weight 11kg

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